The Gift of Nishaan Magazine

By Dr. Harbans Lal

The Sikh quarterly NISHAAN published from Delhi is celebrating its 15th year. It dedicated its most recent issue to Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki.

Neki was a colleague of mine that I admired, and I have contributed an article about him that I also want to share with my friends. In addition to the article, the management at Nishaan have permitted me to share with you the whole issue in PDF format. I am pleased to do that as below.

Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki.

You may read my article on page 13-17, and those by other contributors: Indermohan Singh, IJ Singh, Ravinder Singh Taneja, Mohinder Singh along with selected writings of Dr. Neki. Also you will get an idea on the quality and scope of Nishaan. Some of you may consider subscribing.

To download the magazine, please click on the link below.  You can then print it or save it for reference. Please feel free to forward it to your other friends.

NISHAAN Magazine